Well Equipped for Flexible Work Processes

From Design to Finished Injection Molding Parts

As partner for injection molded prototype and small volume series parts we together with our customers want to develop and produce better plastic parts. Therefore, our machines and equipment must ensure that we can work efficiently and flexibly. To achieve this goal we need the right machines – and,  even more important – an optimum alignment of individual manufacturing steps.

Therefore we have all operations under one roof. Made in Übach-Palenberg means to us: all operations from design to finishing are immediately accessible, not by telephone or e-mail but physically in one location. Thereby we can adapt the alignment of process steps flexibly which is necessary in order to be able to respond to the challenging and versatile demands of our customers quickly while maintaining our high quality standards. We even built up some capacity reserves as our customers sometimes need solutions on very short notice.

Design: Know-How for Smooth Manufacturing Operations

In our design operations we work with the CAM software Mastercam in the latest, up-to-date release. This software not only allows for using customer data out of all current CAD systems but also for optimizing the injection molding process or for making custom designs based on the ideas of our customers. We also can generate digital design data from scans of existing parts.

Manufacture of Injection Molding Tools: Precision Work for Tools Producing Parts Exact to the Micrometer

For manufacturing injection molding tools we use modern CNC milling machines, wire spark erosion machines or cavity sinking EDM machines as well as turning lathes. This machine park enables us to manufacture molding tools quickly, flexibly and with high precision. Based on our long-standing experience with prototype parts we are also able to make modifications to tools quickly and at comparatively low costs. 

Plastic Injection Molding: Variety and Flexibility

Our eight injection molding machines have a maximum clamping force of 1500 kN and can accommodate a maximum mold weight of 490 Gramm per part (polyamide). Thus we can manufacture plastic prototype parts and small volume series parts from 5 x 2 mm up to 600 x 350 mm with a maximum integrated height difference of 200 mm. Even more important is: the know-how and experience of our employees enables us to not only process common thermoplastic materials but to also achieve a high part quality when working with new technical thermoplastics for special applications.

Assembly and Product Finishing: the Final Touches for a Perfect Part

Depending on the application, injection molded parts will require finishing operations after molding. Our employees will do the finishing work with care and high attention to details. They can generate perfect surface quality using surface grinding or polishing machines or they can paint in the desired color or coat plastic parts in our own paint booths. 

Additionally, we can mount plastic parts produced by us to entire assemblies.