Small Volume Series Production – Big Success

Small Volume Series Injection Molding Production for High Quality Niche Products

You develop and market high quality products for niche markets, products for which the value is not defined by large volume series production but by creative design or limited special series production. To satisfy such demands you need plastic parts of highest quality standards in small volume series production – small number of pieces which typically large volume series injection molders cannot manufacture economically. Thanks to our roots in the manufacturing of injection molded prototype parts we are extremely flexible and can manufacture even the smallest series economically

From Concept to Small Series Production

For these kind of projects we see ourselves not so much as an injection molder but as a partner for our customers, a partner who will accompany customers from the idea all the way to the small volume series manufacturing. We know: our customers are experts for their products and their markets but not so much for engineering parts which are optimized for injection molding. Even small modifications can sometimes have big effects leading to lower cost tools, lower fixed costs and better quality.

That is why we apply our know-how from the development and the manufacturing of injection molded prototype parts to your project. By working with you, we will optimize your design for optimum production cost and highest quality.

Even if you do not have design data for your part we will gladly take over the complete engineering design as your project development partner.

The Prototype Part as Hands–on Sample Piece

Even the best 3D models and images cannot substitute a genuine physical product. That is why we offer sample pieces of your part in genuine materials used for production, sample pieces which you can use for comprehensive testing. Our expertise in injection molded prototypes is an added advantage for you: in this phase of the project we can still make tooling modifications at manageable costs.

Economic Production from 50 to 50000 Pieces

We will not start the small volume series production until optical and tactile qualities as well as functional properties are perfectly met. We can produce series of 50 to 50000 pieces very economically. Even for larger volume series production many customers stay with us because they value our service and our commitment to quality.

Finishing Touch

Especially visible parts for high value products often require finishing operations following injection molding. For such parts we can do the finishing with great care. We can grind, polish and coat / spray paint the parts molded by us, ensuring a perfect finish. If necessary, we can also assemble parts molded by us.

You Can Count on Reliable Cost Estimates and Limited Risks

Over the years we manufactured many injection molded prototype parts as well as parts in low volume series. Thanks to this broad experience we can provide accurate feasibility and resource assessments. For many parts we are able to offer a fixed price and a functional warranty thus providing a reliable basis for your planning and cost calculation. As we know that time-to-market is critical for the success of your project we fully commit to agreed upon delivery dates even for small volume series production.

Top Quality from Übach-Palenberg / Aachen City Region

High quality products for demanding niche markets require reliable suppliers. All our services from design support, engineering to tool-making as well as our injection molding and finishing operations are performed under one roof by a well-coordinated team of experts.

Made in Übach-Palenberg / Aachen City Region means having all operations under our control because we know you rely on us.