Our Philosophy

We strive to make a contribution towards better plastic parts

Summarized in one sentence our philosophy is: we do whatever it takes to develop better plastic parts with our customers. We base our philosophy on three pillars:

Know-how and Innovation

Our customers develop injection molded parts to be used in critical products which shall deliver a competitive advantage. To be able to support our customers we constantly update and boaden our know-how. Our drive for innovation motivates us to continuously enlarge our knowledge base. Between customer projects we reserve time for Research and Development – internally as well as in collaborations with highly reputable universities and plastic materials producers.

We have learnt from or customers: our know-how is a strong point in cooperating with us, over and over again – particularly when dealing with demanding projects.

Consulting and Service

Know-how is only value creating when it is applied. Consequently we actively introduce our know-how to all our customer projects – always with the objective of achieving the optimum result. We are not focused on knowing better, we want to do things better.

We do not limit an optimum result to top product quality. We know it is equally important that our prototype parts or small volume series parts are at the right place at the required time. We know: our parts are needed for a larger project for which even small delays have significant implications. 

Consulting and Service also mean to us: Every customer has a designated project partner who knows the project and the customer – a partner with know-how and consulting competence, a partner who is valued by our customers because they know they do not have to explain things to him or her twice.

Working efficiently and flexibly

Efficiency and flexibility are often construed as contradictory, competing objectives. Producers wanting to manufacture parts in large volume series production runs at minimum cost per piece will have to specialize thereby giving up part of their flexibility.

Producers specializing on prototype parts and small volume series runs need a different definition of efficiency. For our customers the costs per piece are not in focus but the total package encompassing delivery time, quality, reaction time to changes on short notice and costs in relation to the total project costs.

That is why we for every improvement step first ask about the impact on our flexibility.  We only execute improvements which increase our efficiency while maintaining our flexibility. Normally, these are improvements which streamline our processes and provide guardrails to our employees working independently and under their own responsibility. We want to be able to say with conviction: “Won’t work does not exist” 

Collaborations which are Enjoyable  

We are convinced: Innovations come out best when everyone involved works with passion. We attach great importance to a collaboration not only functioning without friction but to a collaboration where all involved work with openness, honesty and without undue complicatedness. An important factor in achieving this is: little bureaucracy and lots of trust into the people.

This paradigm applies to working among colleagues as much as to collaborating with customers. We are proud of working with customers of all company sizes as partners, without complicated procedures but by short, direct communication lines. 

100 % Made in Übach-Palenberg – City Region of Aachen 

We can live our philosophy only when all steps of a project from the first consultation to the delivery of prototype parts or small volume series parts are done under one roof. Only with this set up we do not depend on other suppliers and can adjust our planning flexibly- for example when shot notice modifications are necessary to the injection-molding tool. 

We feel at home in the technology region Aachen because we have great contacts to research and development institutes as well as to universities. These institutions assist us in maintaining our level of innovation up to date and in finding highly qualified employees who want to make a contribution to better plastic parts in the future.