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Our Development Know-How for Your Injection-Molded Parts

Many details have to be considered in a part design suitable for injection molding in order to achieve the desired objectives; details impacting costs, functionality of the part and surface quality. Furthermore, the right material of construction for the planned application has to be selected.

Development Partner from the Beginning

If you do not engineer parts optimized for injection molding day in day out you risk unpleasant surprises while doing so. As a result, valuable time and tight budget resources will be lost. We will support you with our know-how from the beginning to ensure the optimal development of your injection molded parts. If you desire we can also take over the complete engineering development of plastic parts.

Injection Molding Development of Prototype Parts

With many of our customers we have been enjoying long-standing development partnerships; partnerships to which each partner is contributing his special know-how and where improvement opportunities are openly discussed; partnerships where we and our customers work as a well-coordinated team with the objective to further improve the design of each part. 

As an example, we optimize every design together with our customers from the automotive supplier industry before we start manufacturing the corresponding tool for prototype part production. Or we advise during the selection of the most suitable material of construction in order to achieve optimal properties of a part for a medical device application. Or we take over the development of variants of a plastic part for different automobile models.

Our objective always is: we want to drive the development a bit further in order to obtain the optimum result for our customers.

Injection Molding Development of Entire Parts or Parts Assemblies

Not every company has internal development capabilities for injection molded plastic parts. For these customers we offer the complete engineering development of parts or even parts assemblies from the start. Using our modern CAD systems we will engineer plastic parts which are exactly tailored for their application or we improve upon the design of an existing part using available samples. We select the optimum material of construction and manufacture all the required tools in house prior to producing the first prototype part.

These prototype parts serve as basis for tests and further refinements. Required modifications to the molding tool can then be affected with comparatively low effort thanks to our specialization to prototype and small volume series manufacturing prior to starting the small or mid-sized volume production.

Progressive Development of Injection Molding Materials

In addition to the design suitable for injection molding further potential for better plastic parts can be derived from the material of construction itself. Even though in today’s world there is a variety of thermoplastic materials with different properties available, further potential for improvement always exists. In cooperation with renowned producers of plastic materials we work towards pushing the limits further out by developing materials for special applications. Together with academia and research institutes we are working on innovative processes for tool manufacturing in order to be able to respond even better and more quickly to new requirements.