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Made in Übach-Palenberg – Aachen City Region / Germany:
Injection molded prototype parts: from design/engineering support to sample parts

You drive innovation in your field one step further every day. In doing so, you develop plastics parts that have to fulfill highest standards, parts which are functionally critical, parts you want to test in a close to mass production configuration so you know that the part will deliver what the design promises. You do all of this, even when the development cycle is under time pressure.

Injection Molding Prototype Parts in Express Production

As long-time partner of development organizations in various industries, we know that development activities are always short on time and have to be kept in strict budgets. That is why we put all our energy into making even the shortest delivery times possible and living reliably up to our commitments. If necessary, we effect tool modifications even late at night. We know our customers rely on us delivering on time.

Know How and Engineering Support for Injection Molding Optimized Parts

Being an expert in your field, you normally focus on the functionality of the part under development. We supplement this often specialized know-how with our expertise in the production of even the most complex prototypes for notable customers and in the mold development for small and very small volume production.

With our expertise we are able to save time and cost in the prototype production thus, improving the economics of the future mass production.

Injection Molding Prototype Parts to Test Material Properties

Injection molding prototype parts offer the advantage that various materials of construction can be tested and compared for their functionality in the individual component part. We are not only able to process all injection molding plastic materials available on the market but we can also test application specific or proprietary materials provided by our customers. Furthermore, we do research in cooperation with notable plastic materials producers in order to develop materials for special applications.

Made in Übach-Palenberg - Aachen City Region Germany

We can offer this unique combination of speed, engineering support, service and ability to process a variety of materials to our customers only because we perform all tasks in-house. Engineering, tool manufacturing and parts production work as a well-coordinated team under one roof. This setup allows us to quickly and flexibly react even to the most challenging demands of our customers.