Plastic parts for the mobility of tomorrow

Injection molding prototypes not only for the automotive industry

You develop new solutions for the mobility of the future. You inspire people with your products and you aim to consume fewer and fewer valuable resources - in production and in use.

Injection molded parts that meet the requirements of modern mobility

Injection-molded plastic parts nowdays are in every modern vehicle. More and more parts are made of lightweight plastics and thus noticeably reduce CO2 emissions over their lifetime. Modern means of transport are becoming ever quieter - not least thanks to virtually silent electric drives. This poses completely new challenges for noise insulation. At the same time, new drive concepts such as BEVs, fuel cells or synthetic fuels require new types of plastic parts in the powertrain, in the control system, in the battery or in the storage of the fuel. The rapid further development of driver assistance systems through to autonomous driving in the future, as well as the ever-increasing demands on connectivity, are creating completely new assemblies where customized plastic solutions are needed.

Materials are also changing: components with purely mechanical properties are being replaced by multifunctional plastic components or hybrid components. Interior parts, for example, have always had high surface quality requirements, but until now only fulfilled exactly one purpose. With printed electronics technology, plastic components in vehicles can now be equipped with additional functions. Integrated LEDs or haptic feedback are just two examples of how one plastic component can now take on the function of several traditional components. While this means fewer parts are needed overall, the individual plastic component becomes more complex to design and produce. The approach changes and components must be completely rethought in some cases in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new technologies.

Higher requirements with shorter development times

The automotive industry is at the beginning of a fundamental transformation in products and value chains. With growing demands on plastic parts for the means of transportation of the future, the development effort is increasing rapidly. At the same time, the market and corporate management expect ever shorter product life cycles. For you as a development department, this means that you are caught in a vice between increasing requirements and ever tighter deadlines.

Critical timing shows who the right partner is

Isn't it good to have a flexible and fast partner at your side? A partner who thinks along with you instead of simply manufacturing tools and prototypes according to specifications. A partner who actively contributes his production know-how. A partner who not only helps to produce better injection molding prototypes for the next vehicle model, but also makes suggestions for improvements that can significantly reduce costs in series production.

SK Industriemodell: Valued partner in the automotive industry for many years

We are this partner for our customers from the automotive supply industry. They repeatedly praise our flexibility, our reliability and the uncomplicated cooperation. And other mobility solution providers, some of them highly innovative, are also working with us more and more frequently.

Because we don't just help deliver better prototypes faster. We also stand by in early phases of development as a research partner with a love of experimentation. On our machines, we test innovative materials with our customers and develop novel processes ourselves to deliver prototypes for the automotive industry even faster. A current example of this is our

3D printed tools made by Print&Inject.

Research projects

In the BioStrukt research project, we are conducting joint research with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Apodiums GmbH to make fiber composite components even lighter and stronger. Our approach: The force-conducting fibers follow the natural, curvilinear flow of forces, just as in nature.
Mehr zum Forschungsprojekt BioStrukt

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Our strengths for your mobility solutions

  • Flexible and fast delivery for shorter development cycles
  • Decades of experience in the automotive industry
  • Co-development: Our know-how from the start - focus on new vehicles, new value chains and manufacturing processes instead of plastic injection molding
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • New: Our innovative production process Print&Inject combines 3D printing and injection molding for even faster prototypes