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Plastic injection molding for medical technology

You develop highly complex medical technology products - products that can save lives, help heal and improve people's quality of life. Medical devices and medical products are not mass-produced goods; you probably produce them in rather manageable quantities.

Plastic injection molding: not the focus for medical technology experts

As an expert in medical technology applications, plastic injection molding is usually a marginal topic for you. Your time is too valuable to get involved in the production process of plastic parts down to the last detail. But without knowing these details, it is difficult to design high-quality components that can be produced without errors.

In addition, functional performance and tooling and production costs are determined in the early design phases. At low volumes, even small changes here can have a significant impact on component costs.

As injection molding experts, we know the challenges of designing plastic components. In our daily work, we often see what happens when injection molding process parameters are not considered: Design changes, complex and expensive injection molds, limitations in functionality and delays in delivery are just a few examples.

Co-development as a solution for medical technology

To prevent this from happening in the first place, we contribute our know-how as early as the design phase. Here, our experience from the production of plastic prototypes for high-quality products helps. Within the framework of co-development, we support you from the very first idea so that you can focus fully on your strength: Developing products that promote health and improve quality of life.

Specialty plastics for medical technology

In everyday medical use, plastics have to withstand tough conditions, such as frequent contact with aggressive disinfectants. That is why it is so important to use the right material for medical products. Thanks to our good connections to all well-known material manufacturers, we can manufacture even small quantities of the most modern plastics for special applications.

Plastic parts for complex functions

Today, plastic components also perform important mechanical functions. In medical technology applications, their reliability can determine the success of treatment or the quality of life of their customers. This is why, in addition to the design, the choice of material is also of decisive importance. How does a material behave in continuous operation? What forces can it still absorb after a long period of use? How must the plastic component be designed so that unavoidable wear does not lead to serious material failure?

Together with our customers, we have already developed many functional components that are not subject to cleanroom requirements. And we have been working for the automotive industry for many years. Here, too, the issue of dynamic loading over long periods is of great importance. We bring the know-how we have gathered here into your project as part of the co-design process.

So you can be sure: The plastic components in your product will deliver what you promise.

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Our research projects on plastic injection molding in medical technology:

Together with the Institute of Neurophysiology at the University of Cologne, the Institute of Bioengineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences and HiTec Zang GmbH, we are developing thin-walled, high-precision plastic parts that retain their shape even after multiple steam sterilization. Scientists hope to use these plastic parts to research cellular forces and diagnose and treat heart disease. More information about the Forschungsprojekt zur Zellkraftmessung

Our strengths in medical technology

  • Co-development: Our know-how right from the start - focus on new medical technology products instead of plastic injection molding
  • Security through extensive experience with small quantities from the production of plastic prototypes
  • Medically certified plastics even in small quantities
  • Experience with functional components that must reliably withstand permanent stresses
  • Experience from projects with suppliers of medical products
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • New: Our innovative production process Print&Inject for production from quantity 1