Co-development, assemblies and plastic components in small quantities

Plastic injection molding for mechanical and plant engineering

You solve complex problems for your customers with your machines and systems. You help them to produce their products faster and more efficiently. Reliable and economical operation is indispensable. That's why most parts in mechanical and plant engineering have traditionally been made of metal.

Plastic where it is superior to metal

But in some areas, plastic is simply superior: Components made of plastic can save weight and be more economical to produce with the same functionality. Plastic also has an advantage wherever a metal component in automation could damage sensitive surfaces. The use of plastic also has tangible advantages in electrical, thermal or acoustic insulation.

Plastic injection molding for small quantities

In addition to reliability and efficiency, your customers expect one thing above all: solutions tailored to their individual needs. Such solutions are not available off the shelf, which is why companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector do not usually work in large-scale production.

Those who work with small quantities have different requirements for an injection molding partner than a high-volume manufacturer. In this case, a component requires the same preparatory work - regardless of the number of units produced. This is especially true when the quality demand on the component is as high as in mechanical and plant engineering.

Thanks to our experience with plastic injection molding prototypes, we can manufacture high-quality plastic components economically from batch size 1 - and deliver them quickly and reliably.

Reduce development time and costs through co-development

As a specialist in your field, you know how best to solve your customers' problems. You design machines and systems that bring real added value. So you can't and don't need to become an expert in the production of injection-molded components as well.

But it is precisely this expert knowledge that is needed to develop high-quality plastic parts that can be produced economically - the cost of the injection mold has a much greater impact on the unit price for small quantities than in large-scale production. And that's not all: the design suitable for injection molding also has a significant influence on the load-bearing capacity and durability of a component.

As injection molding experts, we are happy to contribute this know-how to your project. Within the scope of a co-development, we design components or entire assemblies together with you and relieve you of the details of the injection molding process. So that you can concentrate fully on developing superior machines and systems.

Plastic injection molding: Because the material properties are particularly important

When it comes to assessing the mold properties of a prototype, 3D printing can now achieve fast and good results. But in mechanical and plant engineering for industry, the physical and chemical properties of a plastic are what count. How resistant is it to chemical influences? How does it behave under heat? How does the material react to pressure?

The limited choice of materials in 3D printing quickly sets limits here. In the injection molding process, on the other hand, we draw on many plastics certified for various applications. And if necessary, we even work with our customers' own plastics.

The best of both worlds: Combination of plastic injection molding and 3D printing

3D printing and injection molding are not competitors for us. With our new Print&Inject process, we combine the advantages of 3D printing with the strengths of plastic injection molding: fast, economical production and high flexibility in material selection. This process is particularly attractive because mechanical and plant engineering usually works with small quantities. The highlight here is that we do not print the workpiece, but the injection mold.

Learn more about our combination of injection molding and 3D printing

Joining metal and plastic

Developers and designers know that things often get difficult when they have to join different materials together.

Where it is important to firmly connect plastic and metal, we use multi-component parts made of metal and plastic. As early as the co-design stage, we take into account the forces acting on the part and develop metal inserts that form a positive connection with the plastic part. In this way, we ensure that our plastic components or assemblies work permanently and reliably in your machines and systems. Because we know: You want your customers to be satisfied with them for a long time.

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Our strengths in mechanical and plant engineering

  • Co-development: Our know-how right from the start - focus on new machines and equipment instead of plastic injection molding.
  • Great experience with small quantities from the production of plastic prototypes
  • Wide range of high-performance plastics with properties tailored to your requirements
  • Multi-component parts and metal inserts also in small quantities
  • Experience from projects with machine and plant manufacturer
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • New: Our innovative production process Print&Inject combines 3D printing and injection molding