Smart solutions for the construction industry

Plastic injection molding for construction companies and system suppliers

You develop solutions that enable attractive and energy-efficient residential and commercial buildings to be built faster and more cost-effectively. In this way, you help ensure that people will still be able to live and work affordably tomorrow, and you contribute to climate protection. At the same time, you ensure higher quality and safety in the construction process with standardized solutions and processes. In civil engineering and road construction, you lay the foundations for an affordable and durable infrastructure.

Cleverly develop solutions for the construction industry

As an expert, you know where things are not yet running optimally on the construction site. You know in which processes major savings and quality improvements can be achieved. And you have an idea of how to improve the situation.

What you probably don't have as a construction expert: Experience in the development and production of plastic components using injection molding. And just as in the construction industry, experience and expert knowledge determine the quality and cost of the end product. Because even small changes to the component can have a major impact on production costs and quality.

The right partner from the start

Since our foundation in 1983, we have been developing plastic prototypes together with our customers. We are happy to bring this many years of experience and our research into new production processes such as Print&Inject to your project. Within the scope of co-development, we work together with you to develop clever solutions for the construction industry. Clever solutions for which we make sure from the outset that they can be produced economically and with consistent quality using injection molding.

Plastic has many advantages in construction

Plastic parts have advantages in construction wherever load-bearing structures are not involved. They have much lower thermal conductivity than metal parts and do not corrode. Properly designed and produced, they are ideal for sealing or reliably joining different materials. This is probably one of the reasons why one of the cleverest solutions of the last century is made of plastic: The dowel.

Solutions for the construction industry even in small quantities

Nicht jede clevere Lösung wird in so großen Mengen benötigt wie der Dübel. Manche Teile lösen sehr spezifische Probleme. Dank unserer Erfahrung aus der Prototypen-Fertigung wissen wir, wie wir auch kleine Stückzahlen wirtschaftlich entwickeln und produzieren. Zum Beispiel im selbstentwickelten Print&Inject-Verfahren, welches 3D-Druck und Kunststoff-Spritzguss gewinnbringend kombiniert.

Variety of materials for individual requirements

In a building, there are many different requirements for a component. Fire protection, resistance to chemicals and corrosion are just a few of the key words.

In plastic injection molding, we can draw on a variety of plastic materials. Together with you, we will find a material that is specialized for your application.

If one material is not enough

Sometimes a problem cannot be solved with one material alone. Here we rely on multi-component parts made of materials with different properties. For example, a flexible plastic for sealing and a mechanically strong, weather-resistant plastic as a cover - form-fitted or materially bonded in a single component.

If larger forces are acting, it can make sense to combine plastic and metal. Here, too, we join both materials together in a form-fit in a single component.

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Our strengths in the construction industry

  • Co-development: Our know-how from the very beginning - focus on new solutions for the construction industry instead of plastic injection molding.
  • Extensive experience with small quantities from the production of plastic prototypes
  • Plastics optimized for the requirements of the construction industry
  • Multi-component parts: Metal-plastic and various plastics firmly bonded in one component
  • Experience from projects with system suppliers and construction companies
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • New: Our innovative production process Print&Inject for production starting from quantity 1